Accommodation, food and beverages

Shumba Safari camp is nestled amongst large knobthorn and leadwood trees at the foot of the Drakensberg mountain range.

Accommodation consists of  comfortable thatch roof chalets equipped with ceiling fans.

The camp boats one large chalet with a double bed and 4 two-bed chalets.  Shumba Safari camp can accommodate a group of 10 people on a hunt.

South Africa runs on 220 volts. All chalets are equipped with heavy duty voltage converters to 110 volts.

The camp has running hot and cold water and flush toilets.

Shower water is propane heated, ensuring you always have a hot shower available, no matter what.

There is  a well-stocked bar with an ice machine. Be sure to let us know what your soft drink and alcoholic beverage preferences are.


During your stay you will be treated to an array of scrumptious game dishes, some of which hunted by you, perfectly prepared by our chef.

Expect well balanced meals of meat, potatoes, assortment of fresh vegetables, salads and fruit.

Please notify us if you have any special requests. Whether you have a condition such as diabetics requiring a specific diet or whether you are a vegetarian or a potato-and-meat-only person, rest assured that we will cater to your very need.


Remember , this is YOUR safari and we want to make it special for you.